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Joey loved music more than anyone I know, and not just listening to it or writing it. He loved to research it, analyze it and absorb it. His tastes ranged from classical to punk and everything in between. He could find the musicality in almost anything, and innovation where others might just hear noise. He could even appreciate that different people required different soundtracks. That’s why even though we liked very different styles, he’s responsible for most of the music in my itunes library. Read the rest of this entry

Lighting fires in everyone he met


If any of his songs clearly defined the kind of person Joey was, it was Circle A at the Circle K. You don’t have to be an anarchist to appreciate that Joey was his own person, committed to living a meaningful life. He didn’t ever just exist, and he encouraged others to get the most out of life, too. He was a warrior for getting things done and being real. As sad as I am about losing him, I won’t let sorrow quench the fire he lit in me.