Here I come!!!


Playing_With_a_Fire_Bird_by_princess_phoenixFlights have been booked for me and Mama Jello. – We’re heading to Austin June 21 through the 23rd so that I can run the Keep Austin Weird 5k and carry Joey’s ashes to the finish line with me. Which means I have a finish line to reach, on an actual day just over a month away!  I know it’s going to be a very emotional run for me, but I also believe it will be healing.

Today at the gym, I found myself sandwiched between two other runners, and to be honest, at first I was a bit intimidated, but then I realized – I’m a runner, too! I may be slow; I may not be able to run as long or as far as these; but I am doing this. And it was so exhilarating to recognize that, and to hear Joey’s voice singing, “You have it, too; you have it, too; you have it, too…”

I can only imagine how proud he would be to see me accomplishing my dreams. He was always so loyal to me and one of my first cheerleaders in life. I miss him so, but I am so grateful to him for the change in my life that only came upon losing him. Out of the ashes of Joey’s death, I was reborn the moment I decided to change my life and start running, so on that day when I run my first full 5k, the phoenix will rise and fly.

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