Coming into Focus


810television_0I had a really good run today, and as so often seems to be the case, I learned some things. But before I get into that, I need a minute to celebrate not one, but TWO 10-minute running intervals! That’s two repetitions of my longest-ever running times. I’ve run for 5 minutes; I’ve run for 8; but something about running for 10 minutes took me into a new zone.

Side note: Our living room tv has been broken for about 3 weeks now – they’re delivering the new one tomorrow – but because of that, we were forced to watch WAY less tv. It’s been really good for the boys, and it’s helped me begin to appreciate the quiet more. I even took off my headphones for the last half or so of the 5k I ran a couple weeks ago and just listened to the wind in the trees and the sound of my feet on the road, and it was pretty great.

And I discovered that overstimulating my mind during my treadmill runs in an effort to distract myself from the pain of getting through minute after minute of running turned out to be the wrong choice for me. So today, I listened to my music, but I left the tv off, and the results were amazing.

With my mind freed from reading the captions, I was able to focus on regulating my breathing, and cheer for myself as I hit each minute mark, and push harder each time I felt like giving in, and enjoy the feeling of running.

Yes, I said ENJOY! As I ran that second 10-minute interval, there was a moment when I just relaxed into my gait and looked at myself in that mirror I used to hate. What I saw was a runner. What I saw was someone who is much, much stronger than she ever thought. And it feels so good.

I cannot express how elated I am to realize that Sarah the runner is not a pipe dream. It is my new reality! The years of just existing are over. Here’s to DOING! To being better. And you have it, too. If I can do this, anyone can. Just start where you are, one step at a time. Crack open a PBR and LIVE!!!

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