Spinning My Wheels


1002873_692840057410242_1308072675_nI must confess that I feel a bit as though I’ve been spinning my wheels over the last few weeks. I haven’t gained a bunch of weight or given up on running & exercise, but I just haven’t been wholly committed in the same way that I have been up to now, thus the scale has been immovable. Which adds a bit of sadness in its turn. I know, of course, that the scale isn’t even the reason I’m doing this, but I can’t seem to shake the disappointment of hitting a plateau.

But I can’t quit just because the terrain here isn’t very interesting. I will not betray myself with self-sabotage. I will keep putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually, I believe I’ll reach the downhill.

So tomorrow I run, and fast or slow, it’s gonna be epic, as the quote here implies, since every step is taking me closer to my goals. I’d love to take my run to the trails, but unfortunately, that’s not an option, yet. However, I have come up with a plan to get my butt back in gear (intended pun to be revealed…keep reading).

I’ve promised to join a friend on Monday for a biking/running interval class which will literally get my wheels spinning, and I’m thinking maybe switching it up more often is what I need to keep me motivated. I’ve started integrating Jillian Michaels’ 30-day Shred workout on my non-running days, and that has already made me feel more proactive.

My second plan of action is to get educated on this whole clean-eating ideology. I’m not a dieter. I feel like categorizing food as “bad” or “good” gives it more power in my life than it deserves. But I do like the idea of taking my food from closer to nature with less processing between the “harvest” and my mouth. And I know that eating better fuel will take my running to a new level, so I’m committed to figuring out what works for my body and my family.

Stay tuned, I see before and after pics in my future!

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