Running Through Rainbows


960014_10151896899044706_1688552814_n On Sunday, October 13th I ran The Color Run 5k with some friends. Since we’re all moms of twins, we dubbed our team the “Double Divas,” which we thought was a cute double entendre.

It was fun to actually run with some people for a change, but I must admit I was a bit disappointed in myself.  Since I discovered cycling classes, I’ve slacked off on my regular running, and it became apparent when I started too quick out of the gate and had to slow to a walk a few times throughout the race.  It’s not a timed race, and I didn’t time myself either, since I didn’t want to risk getting color on my phone.  But I think I made pretty decent time: at least under 45. Still, somehow I was left feeling less than good about myself.

Basically, I didn’t really feel all warm and fuzzy like someone who had been running through rainbows and hugging unicorns. 

I started to go into classic Sarah-mode and just throw a pity party and rain on my own parade, but I decided that was kind of ridiculous given I’ve come so far. So, instead I “strapped my boots up to my knees” and challenged myself to another bike/run class yesterday. It was crazy hard, of course, but I made it to the end. Then today I had planned to meet a friend to run, but when she couldn’t make it, I went to spin class instead. But THEN when I was done, I thought, hey, I really wanted to run today, and it’s kinda cold which I’ve always thought I would prefer to running in heat. So, I did it – all by myself – in the cold – and it was – exhilarating. I only did about 2.3 miles, but I made really good time – like my best pace for a run over 2 miles. I really think I could have kept going if I hadn’t already done 30 minutes of spin beforehand.

And in the end, I DID feel warm and fuzzy. A little like I ran through a rainbow, only…cleaner. 😉


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