Spinning Reprise


Joe's Texas bike 042311SInce I didn’t make it to Monday’s bike/run/bike class, I decided to pick up a spin class today and see what I could do. This was my second ever cycling class and my first attempt had been so painful, I doubted a repeat performance would occur. But I’m SO glad I gave it another try.

This was one of the most strenuous workouts I’ve done, but also the most invigorating. Part of it, I’m sure was the instructor and her way of encouraging and inspiring me to push myself further. I made it through 45 minutes and felt stronger than I’ve felt in a really long time. One thing about the class I hadn’t expected but that I really appreciated was the comradery. All of us working out together was so motivating.

Afterward, I joined the same instructor for her quick body sculpt class which was equally strenuous and exhilarating. And during my post-workout respite, I met a nice Irish woman who shared with me her story of loss and recovery, and how she was struggling to stay motivated. At the end of our talk, I promised to see her in Friday’s cycling class, and I keep thinking about how these kinds of connections are what life is really about. All the health and fitness in the world won’t make your life meaningful. It’s relationships with others, helping one another through the hard times, and sharing the joyful ones that makes a life well-lived.

Joey understood that, and I think that’s why he spent so much energy developing and contributing to communities of people. I don’t want to ever lose sight of what my purpose is – to love others and pour into their lives, whether that’s my husband, my children, or the person on the next spin bike over.

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