neil-gaiman-quoteSometimes my life is a real scream…like literally. See, there are three little people in my world, and they have all these feelings that they don’t always know how to interpret, and sometimes, despite the fact that they are excellent communicators for their ages, they just can’t tell me what’s wrong, thus the screaming.

Monday was definitely one of those days when words just weren’t working for anybody and nap time couldn’t get here soon enough. And with everyone feeling so out of control, going to the gym just wasn’t happening. And after a weekend of too many “treats,” I was struggling with feeling depressed and completely out of steam.

It’s amazing to me how just going over my calorie goal one or even two days has the ability to make me feel like a failure. It’s kind of ridiculous. We’re talking about a little extra food here. FOOD! It’s a great part of being human, but it should NOT be this powerful in my life. 

So Tuesday morning, I said, “I’m better than this. Hey, extra calories! I’m better’n you!” I made my way to the gym and ran it out. I pushed myself through 33 consecutive minutes of running (my longest stretch, yet), finished 5k in record time with my first sub-14 min/mile average pace, and reminded myself just how close I am to running the full distance. And as it turns out, I had actually lost 2 1/2 more pounds taking me to my first weight-loss goal of losing 10% of my starting weight! See calories? I AM better’n you.

And as if all of that positivity wasn’t enough, I have been overwhelmed this morning in my prayer time with LOVE from the Father. I have HOPE for the future. Life isn’t always rosy. Some days, your mistakes can seem insurmountable, but making mistakes is part of living. As long as you get back up and brush yourself off, you win. So, that’s why now I’m screaming, “This is my life, and I’m gonna live it to the last drop, learn from my mistakes and keep ON RUNNING!”

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