Goal crushing!


171428_153587931362464_100001337742137_279890_7277629_o-copy1Yesterday, I did something I’ve never done before: I ran my first 5k without any walking! Another goal crushed!

I have been choosing the 5k workout on the treadmill and just walking the first 5 minutes to warm-up for a while now, so on Tuesday, I ran the rest of the workout for a total of 38 consecutive minutes of running. Having gotten that close, I knew I was going to have to attempt the full 5k yesterday, so I restarted the workout after my 5 minute warm-up.It was just as I found my running gait that the stream of sunlight was redirected through the windows directly into my face, where it stayed for the first 2 miles of my run. Now much as I typically prefer running indoors, at least when I run outside, I am prepared for sun in the face by wearing my visor. But yesterday, my choices were to either stop my run and start over on another machine thus losing my momentum, or to suck it up and just. keep. running. I chose the latter.

I tell you, it was the most difficult and most rewarding run thus far. I could not believe how amazing I felt when I finished. I kinda wanted to scream, “Hey! I just RAN a 5k!!!” But I didn’t. ‘Cause that’s not really me. But I’m super proud of myself. As I walked to cool down, I heard Joey singing about choosing to get up and do something instead of sitting around wasting time, and it felt good to know that that’s what I’m doing. I know that my running won’t change the world, but it’s changing me. And a better me is someone who has the energy and confidence to reach out in love to others.

And if I can just touch a few lives with a LOT of love, then I think I will have truly lived.

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